Gas injection technology

ANK Parts, Service and Technical Support Inc. is the regional agent in Quebec and Ontario for AEGIS Consultants, and NitroJection Corporation

AEGIS and NitroJection are the industry’s leading supplier of gas assisted injection molding systems, gas molding accessories, and product, tool, and gas assist process development services. 


What can gas assisted molding method do for you?

Gas assisted molding reduces costs while producing higher quality injection molded products. 

Gas assisted molding decreases costs so profit margins increase, and your preferred customer base starts coming to your company first due to your enhanced molding capabilities!


1) Reduce molding costs – expand business opportunities!

2) Reduce cycle times

3) Improve product quality & yield

4) Reduce resin consumption

5) Reduce molding machine clamp requirements

6) Reduce injection mold maintenance

7) “Fix” problematic processes & designs


Where can you apply gas assisted injection molding?

1) On programs with long cycle times

2) On difficult to fill molds

3) Many structural foam applications

4) Molded products where sink marks are a problem

5) Programs where machine tonnage is a problem

6) Programs with high scrap rates

7) Use gas injection to allow designs not otherwise possible.


A N K can help you with the most cost effective solution for your entry or expansion in this advantageous process, from initial feasability, through process optimization.

Let us know how we can help you reduce costs, increase output, produce higher quality molded parts, and gain new business. 


  • Reduce costs!
  • Open new business opportunities!
  • Fix that job you don't even want to set up!