Dedicated to providing the plastic processing industry with alternatives to the high cost of OEM parts

High quality Screw tip assemblies, Feed screws, Barrels

Tie Bars

Rebuilt Proportional and Servo Valves.

Electronic Cards. CPUs, Analog, Digital in/out

Rebuilt Hydraulic Pumps

Servo Motors

Robotic parts


Available injection molding parts for shipping now


1- APEX 650 Sprue Picker. Fully refurbished, complete with NEW Hand Terminal

Gas Injection components 

High quality feed screws, barrels and tip assemblies,  made with Canadian steel, not recycled. Machined in our U.S. facility and to exacting tolerances. Our repair service can also rebuild your existing screw and barrel.


In Stock and Ready to ship:

2- 70mm Barrels, CPM10V for Engel ES1350 Injection unit

1- 60m Barrel, CPM10V for Engel ES1350 Injection unit

1- 40mm Barrel, CPM10V for Engel ES600 Injection unit

1- 60mm Feed Screw, Nitrided (rebuilt) For Engel ES1350 Inj.

1- 50mm Feed Screw, Nitrided (rebuilt) For Engel ES750/1050

1- 45mm Feed Screw, Nitrided (rebuilt) For Engel ES650 Inj.

1- 25mm Feed Screw, CPM9V (new) Engel part number 4128-300-5728D


Available in standard or High Wear materials to meet your production requirements.

Many popular tip assemblies are stock items ready to ship to you overnight.



Many popular control cards such as CC90 and CC100 (Engel) are in stock, some can be sold on an exchange basis offering even further savings. Also available, Can Bus modules, Moog Servo-Amplifiers, Power Supplies and many other components for RC90 and RC100 robots  (Engel)

DC202 Module


Repair services are also available with a rapid turnaround time.

Let us know what you need.


ank-card rack